Metropolitan Police Call Center


Date 2004
Location London, United Kingdom
Client Metropolitan Police Service
Category Corporate

*In collaboration with: Dyer Brown

Customer Needs

This new building for the metropolitan police had to balance strong security and technical requirements with high standards of comfort for the efficiency and well being of the staff that performs a 24/7 emergency service.

Our Solutions

The industrial warehouse-look of the outer building can easily accommodate the specified equipment allowing its modular expansion for future IT and MEP upgrades. The interior design proposal creates a transition from the large-scale shell to accommodate the workstations by providing a cozy and non- distracting atmosphere.

The lighting scheme plays a key-role in this regard. In the open plan work-stations area the material selection and colour scheme is neutral enough to integrate the highly specified furniture items required, while in transit and break-out spaces more iconic and catching-eye features are implementing also addressing the corporate look of such an established client.

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