Dama Café, Alicante, Spain

Date 2011
Location Alicante, Spain
Client Dama Cáfe
Category Retail & Commercial

*In collaboration with Rocamora

Dama Café

Customer Needs

Located in the most touristic street of Elche, the refurbishment of the 147 m2 café proved to be a challenging but interesting project: The client requested a fresh proposal that could still keep the essence of the original café. The coffee shop was established more than 15 years ago and its clientele was a mixed group of both foreigners and locals well known in the neighbourhood.

Our Solutions

The proposal differentiate two areas: for the indoor one a young and vibrant contemporary concept was suggested, where the layout kept wide spaces between tables to facilitate the transit of standing people when ordering their take-away items. The outdoor area becomes a comfortable terrace for long servings, where users can enjoy not only the quality of the food and beverage but also the street atmosphere. The client was satisfied and hired our design and management services for further projects.

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