Doha Tribecca Film Festival

Date 2011
Location Doha, Qatar
Client Doha Tribecca Film Festival
Category Exhibitions & Events

*In collaboration with DFI

Customer Needs

Being one of the biggest events in the region for the film industry, the Doha Tribecca Film Festival hit at its highest of size and quality in 2011. An extremely well-coordinated local and international production included not just the red-carpet events associated to the premier launch of top films, but also a diverse and innovative series of talks, interviews and workshops that contributed to the educational facet of the festival.

Our Solutions

Along the two-week event duration, a managing and coordinating role was delivered for the international production team at the Katara Opera House venue: design proposals for the arrangement and display of the different elements within the building, liaison between the back of house and “front house” interfaces, coordination between the different teams during programme activities– security, marshals, PR, celebrities and VIP escorting – where all roles played under a team work atmosphere while meeting high international standards.

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