Mia Exhibition

Date 2015
Location Doha, Qatar
Client Qatar Museums
Category Exhibitions & Events

*In collaboration with Empty

Museum of Islamic Art Exhibition

Customer Needs

Qatar Museums is the national entity in charge of all the cultural exhibitions for both permanent and temporary collections in more than seven museums across the country. The Fabulous Creatures exhibition aimed to attract both a young and adult audience by displaying high quality graphics and interiors that frame highlighted collection pieces under the theme of legendary and fantastic characters taken from traditional stories and tales.

Our Solutions

Based on Empty’s conceptual design this collaboration was focused on project management and implementation services.

Our scope included the whole production process and the provision and supervision of local and foreign manufacturers and suppliers. The supervision of the tender process and the selection of the most competitive bidder for each subcontracted packages were also part of the delivered services.

The specific client requirements in terms of the construction process within the facilities of such an iconic and delicate building – the Museum of Islamic Art – were very challenging: low sound levels during construction, bring site assembly activities to a minimum, decrease waste, dust and dirty as much as possible, strong access and security control etc. all were factors that required a tight control of the production off-site and high coordination skills. We were also appointed on the construction process as production managers for the project.

The exhibition was a really successful event, where the quality of the finishes and displays met the high international standards requested by the client.

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