Vialia Intermodal Station

Date 2004
Location Madrid, Spain
Client Adif
Category Retail & Commercial

*In collaboration with Idom

Principe Pio Vialia Intermodal Station

Customer Needs

Part of a national scheme – Vialia – led by the railway infrastructure operator in Spain, middle and large scale train stations were fully refurbished with the main aim of providing an architectural solution that integrated the transportation, commercial and cultural demands of users. The historic train station of Principe Pio in the center of Madrid is one of the successful examples implemented in the early 2000.

Our Solutions

The big commercial area of Principe Pio station hosts the programme of a big shopping center – retail units, anchor shops, food court and cinema halls – in a linear distribution that follows the original footprint of the 19th century train station. Crisp conceptual proposals, especially for the lighting scheme and MEP layout, were developed and implemented by worldwide-recognized experts such as Theo Kondos and HOK.

Modern features like a grazed geodesic dome or exposed industrial-looking vents and exhaust ducts and pipes were successfully integrated into the original cast iron metal canopy. This heavy-use transport and commercial hub is one of the most successful examples of his kind erected in the center of a historic city.

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